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coachingCoaching at its purest form is not about winning or losing, it’s about 
improvement. Many people get caught up in the idea that the way to coach is to stress the importance of winning. Losing is not an option, winning is everything, winners get remembered…these are all things you hear preached from coaches to players in hopes of instilling a winning attitude.

The truth is that winning is about working. All of the great coaches and teams have a work ethic that is unrivaled by their competition. A great coach stresses the importance of commitment and hard work as factors that produce success. Winning is a by-product of the work that teams have put in.

It is important for coaches to stress this importance of hard work and to communicate it in a way that his or her players will be receptive and responsive. Proper communication from coach to player and vice versa is extremely important in determining the success of a team. All individuals respond best to communication that is presented clearly and in a manner that is easily comprehended. Communication in golf tends to be more sensitive because golf is a sport that has very high levels of mental exercise. It is important that coaches have regard for this mental sensitivity when communicating with players because if the wrong approach is taken there can be much more damage than might be present in other sports.

Prep Golf America has comprised a team of experts in areas such as coaching, communication, and leadership who are all available to help high school golf coaches improve and enhance their coaching capabilities. Coaching high school golf is strenuous but can also be very rewarding. The sacrifice that high school coaches make in order to run a program is second to none, and it is that dedication that has motivated Prep Golf America to helping these men and women who sacrifice so much so that young people can enjoy the game of golf.

Prep Golf America believes very strongly in the impact that high school golf coaches have on their players. Our motivation is to give coaches insight into areas that will help them improve their players on and off the course.  Helping young people excel on the course as well as in the classroom and in the community can be directly attributed to their coaches, which is why we are fully committed to helping them better prepare their players.

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