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The competition and excitement of high school golf is something that lasts a lifetime. High school golf gives prep golfers the chance to enjoy a taste of what it is like competing at the collegiate level.  There are many facets to consider when managing an efficient high school team, which is why we offer consulting to coaches that will help them grow and improve their team.

Please contact us to set up a meeting or learn more about some of the services we offer.

Team Consulting is generally conducted by playing professionals covering areas such as:

  • Swing and short game technique
  • Course management
  • Practice drills
  • Routine
  • Fitness
  • On course diet
  • Tournament Preparation

*Prep Golf America has teamed with Private Professional Golf to help accommodate with consulting services. PPG was created to provide insight through current playing professionals from the Tour, E-Golf Tour, and more. A look at some of their services can be seen by clicking the link below. Additionally, all Prep Golf America members receive a special discount when using PPG services.

Coaches may also request consultation in specific areas with Prep Golf America partners and instructors. We want our coaches to receive the information that is most beneficial for their team and we will do our best to accommodate all requests. Requests are best to be made via e-mail at the contact provided. Once we receive the request we will present coaches with a few options and allow them to choose what works best for their team.

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