College Golf

Blue Line

College logosMany junior golfers aspire to play at the collegiate level, but what does it take to get there? Dedication, commitment, and hard work are all necessary. It is also important for junior golfers to understand the process that is taken to properly plan and prepare for college golf. Playing in the correct tournaments, learning the recruiting process, and exposing yourself to the right coaches are just a few of the areas that need to be addressed. Prep Golf America gives junior golfers all the information they need to properly prepare for golf at the collegiate level.

Junior golfers who work one-on-one with Prep Golf America Consultants will receive knowledge and insight that is tailored to fit their needs. Every golfer is different, therefore each plan must be different. It is also important to keep the parents/guardians informed regarding the process towards college golf as well; we encourage parents to be active in the junior golf process, including being a part of consulting sessions.

Additionally, general membership offers numerous guides, resources, and other information that will help guide parents and players in the recruiting process. However, we do encourage that junior golfers sign up for individual consulting sessions to better enhance their preparation for the college golf/recruiting process.