College Compatibility Indicator

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CCI PicDetermining a college that fits a junior golfer's needs can be potentially difficult and stressful. The College Compatibility Indicator (CCI) feature helps to eliminate some of the stress and provides junior golfers with an opportunity to make a decision based on factors that are important to them as individuals. Our goal is to provide junior golfers with as much assistance and guidance as possible to ensure a successful continuation of their academic and athletic journey.  

CCI is designed to help prep golfers choose a school based on factors that are relevant, rather than just popular. Golfers enter their information using a prescribed assessment that covers personal preferences regarding areas such as: academics, coaching style, team dynamics, location, and more. Along with their CCI Assessment, members will upload their resume and a swing video that will be accessible to college coaches, if the junior golfers allows. Using the information from the CCI assessment, junior golfers can then compare their preferences with information received or obtained from college coaches and schools. CCI can also be used as a reference tool during consulting sessions.

We can not make personalized recommendations in regards to choosing a school. However, the information covered on the CCI should help junior golfers and their families narrow the search for collegiate options by expanding their cognition in determining what factors are most important when choosing a school. Please take the time to fill out the profile to the best of your ability.  Be honest! This is a tool that will enable us to help you moving forward with the best possible options to fit your needs.  

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