Prep Golf America’s one-on-one consulting sessions are offered to provide junior golfers and their parents with the most beneficial information possible based on each golfer’s needs and aspirations. By working with the junior golfer individually, we can tailor a plan that will be most properly fitted to help the junior golfer achieve their desired success.

Sessions are done either by phone, email, or in person upon special request. The sessions cover everything from choosing and reviewing tournaments, learning the college golf recruiting process, finding a swing instructor, academic and leadership work, and much more.

We encourage parents/guardians to get involved with the consulting sessions by being in additional contact with the Prep Golf America Ambassador who is conducting the session, and by being involved in the session itself.*

The initial session’s purpose is to get to know the golfer and family while reviewing their previous junior golf accomplishments. Using this, as well as accommodating the goals and skill level of the junior golfer, we can put together an initial plan. Future sessions will both review and update the plan based on the progress of the golfer.

Please contact Alan Fowler at: to learn more about our junior golf consulting work, and to set up your first session!


*Each session will be tailored based on the combined wants/needs of both the parents and the golfer. A better idea for how the sessions will be conducted is established after the initial meeting.