Diet & Fitness

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Fitness has become a vital part of the game of golf. We are seeing more athletic and fit golfers gaining an edge through physical fitness. For anyone who is looking to improve their game, it is important to create a fitness program that will withstand the physical rigors that golf can create. Golf is a unique sport in that most injuries are slow developing and can be prevented if the proper steps are taken. Strength, flexibility, and endurance all play factors in a golfer's health. As a member of Prep Golf America, we can assist you in creating a fitness program that is right for you.

Diet also plays a key role in a golfers health and improvement. Without the proper diet, training and practice effectiveness can be greatly reduced. Prep Golf America’s team of experts will provide golfers of all ages and strength with dieting tips that can help them excel on and off the course.

Check into our diet and fitness section regularly to enhance your knowledge on exercises, cardio programs, flexibility routines, strength programs, dietary guidance, and more.


*At Prep Golf America we recommend all junior golfers get approval from a doctor before participating in physical activity.