Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Prep Golf America?

 Prep Golf America is a service and information based company that prepares young men and women for success in many areas of life using junior golf as a platform. Our focus is to provide valuable information regarding academics, tournament golf, collegiate preparation, communication skills, leadership, and more with the goal of better preparing junior golfers for the road ahead.

 Who is it for?

 Prep Golf America is beneficial for junior golfers and their parents, high school golf coaches, and collegiate golf coaches. By providing helpful information to all three of these audiences we are helping to enhance the junior golf landscape.

 What does my membership fee pay for?

 When you become a member you will receive a Prep Golf America membership card that will award you with discounts to stores and businesses that are related to golf and academics.  You will also receive special access to member only content on the website as well as invitations to certain members only events hosted by Prep Golf America.

 Is my information protected?

 All of your information will be stored in a securely monitored database and only you and the people you allow will be able to see your information. Collegiate coaches will be able to see your profile information but other junior golfers will not.

 Do you offer recruiting services?

 Prep Golf America does not provide any recruiting services. Collegiate coaches use our website to access information to help them in recruiting but we are not in contact with coaches regarding player information.

 What kind of content will a member be able to access on the website?

 Member only content will include a wide variety of information about college preparation, golf instruction, fitness, course management, study tips, organization, communication, and much more. Along with our team of professors, golf instructors, fitness trainers, and business professionals, members can expect to here from experts in a variety of topics. The information will be presented through articles, webinars, videos, interviews, social media, e-mail, and other fun and interactive mediums.