Junior Golf Tours

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TourThere are many junior golfer tours located around the country and filtering through all of them can be difficult and time consuming. It is important to choose the ones that are right for you and will showcase your skills effectively. Choosing the proper tours should be determined by age, region, and skill level. As a member of Prep Golf America, we will give you certain criteria to make choosing a proper tournament schedule easier and more effective.

You can click on the categories below where you will be directed to a page with links to the related golf tours. Most junior golf tours are broken up into 3 criteria:

  • Local/State
  • Regional (Southeast, Midwest. etc)
  • National

It is important to note that you should choose tournaments/tours based on what you are trying to accomplish. Young players looking for experience do not need to overwhelm themselves trying to play in nationally ranked tournaments and experienced players should not set time out of their schedule to play events that will not help their ranking. Prep Golf America can help by giving junior golfers information on tournaments and tours that will help them choose the schedule that is right for them.

Below is a list of junior golf tours and state junior golf associations.



American Junior Golf Association- http://ajga.org/index-normal.asp (770) 868-4200 

Future Collegians World Tour- http://www.fcwtgolf.com/ 727-540-0473

International Junior Golf Tour- http://www.ijgt.com/index.php  800-792-9143

Plantation Junior Golf Tour- http://pjgt.com/upcoming_events.asp 636.779.0176

National Junior Golf Tour- http://www.nationaljuniorgolftour.com/

United States Specialty Sports Association- http://www.usssa.com/sports/home.asp?Sport=14

Junior Golf Scoreboard list of tours: http://www.juniorgolfscoreboard.com/cat_links.asp?cat=19

AJGA list of individual Polo Ranked events:  https://www.ajga.org/TournInfo/NonAJGAtournaments.asp



   Southeastern Junior Golf Tour- http://sjgt.com/

Mid American Junior Golf Tour- http://www.ijga.org/majgt/ (630) 685-2410

Norheast Junior Golf Tour- http://www.nejgt.com/results1.htm (814)-934-7476

Dixie PGA Junior Tour- http://dixie.pga.com/juniorgolf/

Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour- http://www.rockymountainjuniorgolftour.com/

Hurricane Junior Golf Tour- http://hjgt.org/ (FL, GA, SC, NC, AL, TN, KT, OH)

The Top 50 Junior Tour- http://www.top50jrtour.com/Tour/ (Michigan, Arizona, Florida)

IMG Junior Golf Tour- http://www.imgjuniorgolftour.com/

All-American Junior Golf Tour- http://www.aajgt.com/

United States Junior Golf Tour- http://www.usjgt.net/Tour/Default.aspx




-          Dixie PGA Junior Tour- http://dixie.pga.com/juniorgolf/

-          Alabama Junior Golf Association- http://www.alabamajuniorgolf.org/


-          Junior Golf Association of Arizona- http://www.jgaa.org/


-          Arkansas Junior Golf Association- http://www.asga.org/juniors


-          Junior Golf Association of Northern California- http://www.jganc.com/

-          Southern California PGA Junior Tour- http://www.scpgajrtour.com/home/news/

-          Southern California Junior Golf Association-Juniors- http://www.scga.org/foundation/juniorgolf

-          Northern California Junior Golf Association- http://www.ncga.org/ncga-juniors/

-          Future Champions Junior Golf Tournaments- http://www.futurechampionsgolf.com/fcgtournew.html

-          Northern California Junior Golf Tour- http://www.ncjgt.com/index.php

-          Johnson Junior Golf Tour- http://jjgt.us/Welcome.html (San Diego)


-          Colorado Junior Golf Association- http://www.coloradojuniorgolf.org/

-          Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour- http://www.rockymountainjuniorgolftour.com/


-          Connecticut PGA Junior Golf Tour- http://www.ctpga.com/juniorgolf/page_4/


-          Delaware State Golf Association- http://www.dsga.org/juniors/

-          Delaware Junior Golf- http://www.delawarejuniorgolf.com/


-          Florida State Golf Association- http://www.fsga.org/

-          Premier Junior Tour- http://premierjuniortour.com/

-          North Florida Junior Golf Foundation- http://www.nfjg.org/

-          Southwest Florida Junior Golf Association- http://www.swfjga.org/

-          Central Florida Junior Golf Tour


-          Atlanta Junior Golf Association- http://www.atlantajuniorgolf.org/

-          Georgia PGA Junior Tour- http://www.georgiapga.com/jrgolf/


-          Hawaii State Golf Association- http://www.hsjga.org/

-          Oahu Junior Golf Association- http://www.ojga.org/

-          Junior Golf Association of Hawaii- http://www.jgah.org/


-          Idaho Golf Association- http://www.theiga.org/sites/courses/layout.asp?id=770&page=42132


-          Illinois Junior Golf Association- http://www.ijga.org/

-          Southern Illinois Golf Association- http://www.sigagolf.org/detail.asp?id=32

-          East Central Illinois Junior Golf Tour- http://www.ecijg.com/


-          Indiana Golf Office- http://www.indianagolf.org/Junior-Home_d7d683456caf587e4c82.html

-          Central Indiana Junior Golf Association- http://www.cijga.org/


-          Iowa PGA Junior Tour- http://www.iowapga.com/junior-tour/

-          Iowa City Golf Association- http://www.iowacitygolf.com/


-          Kansas City Golf Association Junior Tour- http://www.kansascitygolfer.org/junior-golf/kc-junior-tour/

-          Kansas Junior Golf Association- http://www.kansasgolf.org/kansas-junior-golf-association---kjga/


-          Golf House Kentucky: Kentucky PGA Junior Tour- http://kygolf.org/junior-golf/kentucky-junior-series/

-          Kentucky Junior Golf Foundation- http://www.kjgf.com/

-          Northern Kentucky Junior Golf Tour- http://nkjrgolf.wordpress.com/

-          Southeast Kentucky Junior Golf Tour- http://www.sekjgt.com/


-          Louisiana Golf Association- http://www.lgagolf.org/

-          Arrowhead Junior Golf Tour- http://arrowheadjgt.com//

-          Northeastern Louisiana Junior Golf Tour 


-          Maine State Golf Association- http://www.mesga.org/Club/Scripts/Home/home.asp


-          Junior Tour of Maryland- http://www.juniortourofmd.com/

-          PGA of Middle Atlantic- http://mapga.com/jrgolf/

-          Maryland State Golf Association- http://www.msga.org/sites/courses/layout9.asp?id=1113&page=66110

-          Elite Players Tour- http://www.eliteplayerstour.com/homepage/start_page.php


-          Massachusetts Golf Association- http://www.mgalinks.org/junior-golf/schedule-events.html

-          PGA of New England- http://www.nepga.com/juniorgolf/


-          Michigan PGA- http://www.michiganpgagolf.com/junior-golf/

-          The Michigan Players Junior Tour- http://www.mpjgt.com/

-          Lake Michigan Junior Golf Tour- http://www.lakemichiganjuniorgolftour.com/

-          Golf Association of Michigan- http://www.gam.org/


-          Minnesota PGA- http://www.minnesotajuniorgolf.com/

-          Minnesota Golf Association- http://www.mngolf.org/


-          Mississippi Golf Association- http://www.missgolf.org/node/494

-          Gulf Coast Junior Golf Foundation- http://www.gulfcoastgolf.org/

-          Coca-Cola Junior Golf Tour- http://www.nemsjrtour.com/index.php/home


-          Missouri Golf Association- http://www.mogolf.org/

-          Accelerated Golf Tour- http://acceleratedgolftour.org/


-          Montana State Golf Association- http://www.msgagolf.org/

-          Southwest Montana Junior Golf Tour- http://www.swmjgt.com/

-          Wheat Montana Junior Golf- https://sites.google.com/site/wheatmontanachampionship/

-          Montana Junior Golf Tour- http://montanajuniorgolf.com/


-          Nebraska Junior Golf Tour- http://www.njgt.org/

-          Nebraska Golf Association- http://www.nebgolf.org/juniorgolf.html

-          PGA of Nebraska-  http://www.nebraskapga.com/juniorgolf/


-          Northern Nevada Junior Golf- http://www.nnjga.org/

-          Southern Nevada Golf Association- http://www.snga.org/

-          Northern Nevada Golf Association- http://www.nnga.org/

New Hampshire:

-          The New Hampshire Golf Association- http://www.nhgolfassociation.org/Club/Scripts/public/public.asp

-          PGA New England- http://www.nepga.com/juniorgolf/

New Jersey:

-          New Jersey PGA-  http://newjersey.pga.com/juniorgolf/

-          South Jersey Junior Golf Tour- http://sjjuniortour.com/

New Mexico:

-          PGA Sun Country Junior Tour- http://suncountry.pga.com/jrgolf/

New York:

-          Northeastern New York PGA- http://neny.pga.com/jrgolf/

-          PGA Western New York- http://westernnewyork.pga.com/jrgolf/

-          New York State Golf Association- http://www.nysga.org/

-          Hudson Valley Junior Golf Association- http://www.websitechefs.com/golf-home1.html

-          New York City Junior Golf Club- http://www.nycjrgolf.com/

-          Upstate New York Junior Golf Tour- http://www.upstatenyjuniorgolf.com/

North Carolina:

-          Tarheel Junior Golf Tour- http://www.tarheelgolf.org/Tour/

-          Carolinas Golf Association- http://www.carolinasgolf.org/

-          PGA Carolinas- http://carolinas.pga.com/jrgolf/

North Dakota:

-          Dakota Junior Golf Association- http://www.djga.org/

-          North Dakota Junior Golf- http://northdakotajuniorgolf.com/

-          North Dakota Golf Association- http://www.ndgolf.org/


-          The Northern Ohio PGA- http://thenorthernohiopga.com/junior-golf/

-          Southwest junior Golf Tour, Cleveland- http://www.swgtcleveland.com/

-          Greater Central Ohio Junior Golf Association- http://www.gcojuniorgolf.com/

-          Heart of Ohio Junior Golf Association- http://www.hojga.org/

-          Lake Erie Junior Golf Association- http://www.lejga.org/

-          The Southern Ohio PGA Junior Tour- http://www.sopgajrtour.com/


-          Oklahoma Junior Golf Tour- http://oklahomajrgolf.com/

-          South Central PGA- http://www.scspgajrgolf.com/

-          Oklahoma Junior Golf- http://www.okjuniorgolf.com/


-          Oregon Golf Association- http://www.oga.org/index.php/juniors

-          Northeast Oregon Junior Golf Association-  http://www.neojga.com/

-          Northwest Junior Golf Tour- http://www.jrgt.com/index.php

-          Central Oregon Junior Golf Association- http://www.cojga.com/


-          The Pennsylvania Golf Association- http://www.pagolf.org/

-          Southwest Pennsylvania Junior Golf Tour- http://www.spjgt.com/

-          Philadelphia Junior Tour, PGA- http://www.phillyjuniortour.com/

Rhode Island:

-          Rhode Island Golf Association- http://www.rigalinks.org/Club/Scripts/Home/home.asp

-          PGA New England- http://www.nepga.com/juniorgolf/

South Carolina:

-          South Carolina Junior Golf Association- http://scjga.org/

-          Tarheel Junior Golf Tour- http://www.tarheelgolf.org/Tour/

South Dakota:

-          South Dakota Golf Association- http://sdga.org/junior-golf

-          Dakota Golf- https://www.dakotagolf.com/juniorgolf


-          Tennessee Golf Association Junior Tour- http://www.tgajuniortour.com/

-          Golf House Tennessee- http://www.golfhousetennessee.com/


-          Texas Junior Golf Tour- http://tjgt.com/

-          Southern Texas Junior PGA- http://www.stpgajuniorgolf.com/

-          Legends Junior Tour- http://www.tljt.org/

-          North Texas Junior Tour, PGA- http://www.ntpgajuniorgolf.com/north-texas-PGA-junior-tour.html

-          Southeast Texas Junior Tour- http://www.southeasttexasjuniortour.com/


-          Utah PGA Junior Series- http://utahpga.com/junior-golf.php

-          Utah Junior Golf Association- http://ujga.com/


-          Vermont PGA- http://www.vermontpga.com/

-          Vermont Golf Association- http://www.vtga.org/


-          Virginia State Golf Association- http://vsga.org/

-          First Citizens Bank Junior Golf Tour- http://www.fcjgt.net/Tour/

-          Richmond Junior Golf Tour- http://www.richmondjuniorgolftour.com/

-          College Prep Golf Tour- http://www.collegeprepgolftour.com/Tour/


-          Washington junior Golf Association- http://www.wjga.net/

-          Northwest Junior Golf Tour-  http://www.jrgolftour.net/

West Virginia:

-          Callaway Junior Tour- http://cjrtour.com/

-          West Virginia Golf Association- http://www.wvga.org/


-          Wisconsin Foundation, PGA- http://www.wiscjuniorgolf.com/

-          Northwest Wisconsin Junior Golf Tour- http://nwjgt.net/

-          Wisconsin State Golf Association- http://www.wsga.org/


-          Wyoming State Golf Association- http://www.wygolf.org/junior_tour.htm

-          Wyoming Junior Golf- http://wyomingjuniorgolf.com/