Blue Line

CaptainLearning how to become a leader is beneficial in golf and in life. At Prep Golf America, we believe that by giving junior golfers a leadership role, we will better prepare them for obstacles on and off the course. Leaders tend to excel in all scenarios and are able to influence those around them in a positive way. Leadership off the course through areas such as community involvement tends to carry over to the golf course. High school teams and college teams can benefit form the presence of a strong leader and Prep Golf America is focused on providing members with the skills and knowledge they need to fill leadership roles.

There are many ways to develop leadership skills and it is often as simple as asking to be the captain of the golf team, or asking to be a group leader in school. The opportunity to develop independence and the ability to influence others in a positive way is always around; don't be afraid to speak up and throw your name in the hat. Apart from these everyday events, there are also many organized leadership programs that all aspiring young men and women should be interested in getting involved with. Below are some links to companies and organizations who offer programs that foster growth as a leader. Explore some of the options to see what is right for you.