Recruiting and RulesBlue Line 

contact-guidelinesFor junior golfers looking to play college golf it is important that they understand the process of recruiting. This also means that the parents and legal guardians should understand how recruiting works.

Many people get confused when it comes to the recruiting process for golf. It is different from what you hear about for football or basketball. Unlike those sports, golf requires a lot more work on the part of the golfer and parents in order to get the necessary exposure. College golf coaches can only find a certain amount of potential recruits due to the long season, travel hindrances, recruiting budgets, and NCAA rules. Therefore, the more proactive the golfer can be, the better chance they will get maximum exposure to coaches.

Gaining exposure involves understanding what kind of information college coaches look for and ways to make contact with them. Prep Golf America offers members the ability to upload a junior golfers bio, resume, and swing video so that college coaches have the ability to look at potential recruits (if the member allows access to coaches. Along with basic information, members will complete the College Compatibility Indicator, or CCI, which is exclusive to Prep Golf America and contains detailed information that benefits both players and coaches when choosing a college or university. To learn more about the CCI, please click here.

Recruiting often scares parents and players because they feel that they are going to break some sort of NCAA rule. The good news is that there is very little that a parent or player can do to break an NCAA rule; most NCAA guidelines are directed at coaches or schools. There is no need to stress over the possibility of breaking a rule!

To learn more about the recruiting process including ways to make contact with coaches, timelines, rules, FAQ’s and more please click on Prep Golf America’s Recruiting Guide.