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The Prep Golf America recruiting database contains detailed information and assessments uploaded by junior golfers that college coaches could use as a tool to find the players who fit their program. Junior golfers who join with Prep Golf America fill out a profile that contains a bio, resume, swing video, and an assessment called the College Compatibility Indicator, or CCI. CCI is exclusive to Prep Golf America and contains information and responses to questions given by the junior golfer that provide a more accurate indication of how he or she will make the transition to the next level or fit a particular college team.

Prep Golf America is dedicated to aiding junior golfers in their growth towards collegiate success and all Prep Golf America members will be given knowledge and insight that will provide them with the skills they need to be successful.

College Coaches can become a member of Prep Golf America for a small annual fee where they will then be able to access junior profiles for recruiting purposes. Upon registration, coaches will be asked to fill out a brief sign up form that will be viewable only to Prep Golf America staff for contact purposes. College coaches can also allow their contact information to be seen by high school coaches who are registered members of Prep Golf America.

Registered coaches can view the database here:

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*Prep Golf America is not a recruiting service. We cannot aid coaches in any way or provide information other than what is posted by the junior golfers themselves. Any questions about how the recruiting database works, or anything else on the site, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help.